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The fastest Trimmers to date!


After years of trimming experience and product research, Dutch Solutions now presents the fastest and best trimmer to date! Our patented trimmer, is focused on the best quality buds, trimmed in the smallest time. Available for trimming and stripping!

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Trimming for the best possible flavour

Mister Mean is the only trimmer where the plant is trimmed and dried in its entirety. This way the present nutrients in the stem can be converted into glucose. After which they will be absorbed into your buds. This will make the flavour and quality of your buds even better.

Demo tour Spain

21th of May until 28th of May

Contact us by mail or call us directly to plan a free demo on you location.

Multi Purpose Trimming

The Mister Mean has a variety of settings, which allows you to choose from removing coarse leaves only, to fine trimming of the buds. It isolates the leafs and leaves the buds unharmed.

Cut the crap, Mister Mean!

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