Team Dutch Solutions started with the owner and inventor of the Mr Mean ‘Annette Albertz’. Albertz is included in the weed trimmer industries for 30 years now, where she came across a lot of different trimming options. With her knowledge and experience in the growing industry, she was able to create a whole new, better product to make the trimmwork easier. Since then, the company already had hundreds happy customers wordwide and we will be launching new patented products in the end of 2021 and july 2022.

Annette Alberts:
My name is Annette Albertz, a single mother of two and I live in The Netherlands. In the ‘90s I started to grow plants because it was easy to combine with my two young children.
Cutting the plants was a time-consuming and expensive affair, so I started looking for something that could make this easier and cheaper. Trimming machines started to appear, but there was still nothing that satisfied me. The quality of the buds decreased with these machines, and the quality was the most important thing for me. Because of this I started developing the mr mean. Initial phase of trial & error resulted in the first version. Even this first version of Mr mean performed better than I expected.
After some hard work and dedication, I can now present to you the fastest and best, worldwide patented trimming machine.

Lab tests showed that MISTER MEAN addresses precisely this problem, and keeps the trichomes and terpenes intact. Next to this there is another area that gets to be improved! The drying process.