For your own safety, read this manual carefully before using the defoliator.

Basic safety precautions must be followed while using the defoliator to avoid the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury.


Get to know your defoliator.
Read the operating instructions and labels on the machine carefully. Familiarize yourself with the applications and limitations and the potential danger of this machine.


Keep the workshop/room clean and well lit.
Messy workplaces and dark areas provoke accidents. Illuminate the working area well. Floors must not be slippery and clean.


Do not use the machine in hazardous areas.
use the defoliator in damp or wet areas or where there may be flammable or dangerous fumes.


Keep children and visitors at a safe distance.
All children and visitors must be kept at a safe distance from the machine.


Wear suitable clothing. Never use loose clothing, ties, rings, bracelets or other jewellery that could be caught by moving parts. Safety shoes are recommended. Keep long hair in a protective headgear or hairnet. Roll up long sleeves above the elbows.


Always use safety goggles and earmuffs. Always use CE approved safety goggles. Your regular, everyday glasses are NOT safety glasses. Also use ear protectors when using the defoliator.


Leaf collector bag

If the machine is equipped with a leaf collection bag, make sure that it is properly connected and used.


Remain vigilant. Complete mental vigilance is always required when working with the defoliator. Use common sense. Never use the machine when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.


Unplug the machine.

Unplug the defoliator when not in use or for adjustment and maintenance.


Reduce the risk of unintentional starting.

Make sure that the switch is in the OFF position before plugging the plug back in.


Never leave a running machine unattended.

Turn off the machine and unplug it from the wall socket. Do not leave the machine until it has come to a complete stop.


Check damaged parts.

Before using the machine, carefully check any safety or parts that may have been damaged to ensure that they are still working and can still perform their original function. Check the alignment and fastening of moving parts, whether they are broken, and any other conditions that may affect their function. A safety cover or other part (e.g. switch) that is damaged must be repaired or replaced before use.


Keep the safety covers in place and in good condition.


Maintain your defoliator properly. Keep the blades sharp and clean for best and safest performance. Follow the instructions for lubricating and keeping the defoliator clean. Regularly check all extension cords and replace them if damaged. Make sure that the grids are free of blade debris and CBD.


Use recommended cleaning products.

Refer to the user manual for recommended cleaning agents. Use of unsuitable cleaning agents may damage the machine and void the warranty.


Remove setting wrenches and wrenches.

Make sure that wrenches and setting wrenches are removed before using the machine.


Do not overstretch.

Always keep your balance.


Use the correct tools.

Do not force a tool or part to do a task for which it was not designed.


Do not force the machine.

It will do its job better and safer at the speed it was designed for.


Have the defoliator repaired by a qualified person. The tool has been manufactured according to the relevant safety regulations. Repairs should be carried out by a person designated by Dutch Solutions Germany GmbH using original spare parts. Ignoring this can cause serious injuries.


Fire safety regulations

During the use of certain tools in your home or workshop, general fire safety regulations must be observed. It is recommended to consult an expert for a suitable extinguisher..





  1. Make sure the power plug has been unplugged when the tool is not in use; before servicing, lubricating or adjusting; and before changing accessories such as dust bags and extraction hoses.
  2. Never attempt to remove any obstruction before unplugging the power plug from the outlet.
  3. Never place your hands or any object in the grilles or outlets.